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I like peacock

作者: 体裁:状物作文 来源:互联网 Published: 2016-11-22 14:50:05 Author: Genre: substance composition Source: Internet
The peacock is very beautiful, always dragging its long tail around and swinging around. The feathers on its head are like a sapphire crown inlaid. It is particularly conspicuous when worn on the head. . The feathers on the back are like a dark blue shawl, embroidered with purple patterns. The feathers on the abdomen are like a light blue dance dress with a long tail, which looks elegant and noble. The following is an essay on peacocks. For more outstanding essays, please pay attention to the composition website.

I like peacocks most. Look, how beautiful peacocks! I believe everyone also likes peacocks, especially the strange scene of peacocks opening their screens.

The peacock's head is round and light green, and its golden-yellow mouth is as thin and long as a pickaxe. The eyes are oval and slightly tilted upward; the eyes are like two small black pearls, which are very cute. There are several colorful feathers on the head, which add a bit to the beauty of the peacock. The peacock's neck is dark green, thin and long, like a swan, very proud. The peacock's body is spherical, dark green, and from scratch It is a green gradient to the body. Its wings are sky blue, and you can see the faint dark blue when it is opened. The most attractive thing is its large tail. Usually, its tail is closed, like a hand The folded large folding fan is long behind him. When the male peacock looks for a spouse, its tail will shake constantly, letting the "big folding fan" open. Therefore, a beautiful "picture scroll" is displayed to people In front. A peacock with a screen on it will have dozens of colors on its tail, which is not enough to describe with "colorful". You see, there are dark purple, light red, dark green, sky blue, and a little yellow. When the peacock opens the screen, not only There are only colors and delicate patterns. You see, the big and small blue circles are like eyes of water and spirit. It is truly beautiful; you see, outermost semi-circular border, is fantastic and wavy, it is icing on the cake it's beautiful, I love it arises spontaneously.

I like peacock

The peacock is not only beautiful, but also docile. Once I bought a pack of peacock's favorite corn kernels and poured it on my hand to feed the peacock. After a while, a peacock came to me carefully. When it left me At some distance, it ran over quickly, pecking a corn kernel gently, and then ran away without looking back. It seemed to treat me as an enemy. Its mouth was sharp and I was feeding. At times, it was like being pricked by a needle, and there was a little pain. Although the one was gone, I was still not discouraged and still waiting. Kung fu lived up to the caring person, and another peacock came to me with a shame and raised his head. Look at me. Then, it plucks up courage, buries its head, and eats corn kernels in my hands. When it is full, it walks slowly to the table, slowly shakes its tail, and opens the screen! It is still Looking at me silently, it seems that I am waiting for my appreciation and evaluation! ... On the peacock, I see that it is docile and likes to be close to others. Let me add a little more to my love for it. Everyone may It can be said that the peacock is beautiful and its call must be beautiful. It is a big mistake. The peacock generally does not call it. It is a "silent-mis". When it is excited, it will "quack". It's hard to hear, it's "beautiful."

The peacock is a friend of man and my favorite animal. It is beautiful, cute and can open the screen. This is my favorite animal-peacock.

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