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Please like me

作者: 体裁:散文作文 来源:互联网 Published: 2015-05-18 14:31:28 Author: Genre: prose essay Source: Internet
In order to improve everyone's writing level, the composition network specially compiled the following composition for you-"please praise me", to read our own problems by reading other people's articles, of course, we must also learn the good places . For more essays and prose essays on Please Please Like Me, please pay attention to the composition network.

Maybe many years later, when I recall this time, I still can't help but praise it.

In September 2012, we walked together in a childlike environment under the sun, occasionally quarreling, laughing out loud, running happily, and low-key.

Perhaps at that time, destiny and time chose to praise my youth.

At that time, we locked the door of the book and wanted to read the book, and we went directly through the window. The mime after the teacher returned from the book bar can be ignored.

At that time, I chose to praise my arrogant youth.

One time, two English self-study classes, I passed five or six chapters clearance. When the bell rang, my brain was still full of words and phrases. Going home on the weekend, but too lazy to do homework.

At that time, I chose to praise the youth I struggled for.

On the way out of school, I accidentally heard a song that I do n’t see anymore. “I forgive the bouquet. I dressed up to miss you ... parting without saying goodbye, are you sad ...” I remember the difference half a year later.

Many people in the world are liking it, for a fun and funny paragraph, for each photo of the stars. But please don't forget to praise your once-blooded youth.

In the midsummer of 2015, we will set sail on our own and follow our own lives, and we may never see each other again. But everything began to become clearer in everyone's mind. The separate floods drowned the hot July, but could not drown the sincere friendship between us. May you all have a youth who is praised by time and become yourself in your heart.

Youth needs the cheers and praises of the world. Well, please praise me, smile for me, my tears, my hard work, my decadence, and praise for the unparalleled magnificent time of my junior high school.

The above 600-character composition of "Please Like Me" was collected and edited by the editor of the composition network, to provide you with materials and references for future prose essay writing or articles about "Please Like Me" The key to how to write a good composition and prose about "Please Like Me" is the accumulation in the ordinary. See more, write more, think more! I hope that this compilation of "Please Like Me" written by you will be helpful to you.

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