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作者: 体裁:散文作文 来源:互联网 Published: 2015-05-18 11:09:53 Author: Genre: prose essay Source: Internet
Composition in Chinese is the composition. For high school students, composition is a very important part. How to get high scores and how to avoid writing zero-point composition is what high school students need to learn. So how to write a good high school composition? Let's take a look at this high school essay "Essay" shared by Xiaowen Xiaobian. Look at the differences between other high school essays and our own high school essays. For more high school composition, please pay attention to composition network.

The more people grow, the more lonely they feel? Another year,

I feel that my friends around me are really missing a lot,

I care too much,

Or is it really missing?

Feel more and more lonely,

Never before

The feeling of slowly accepting loneliness,

Slowly realize the breath of loneliness.

Is it because of puberty?

Why do you feel that you are not unhappy?

But somehow feel depressed, sad, lonely, lonely, sad, empty? The wind of the withering leaves,

Blots of yellow leaves were blown off,

That piece of residual leaves,

As my heart fades,

The past cannot be found;

Now, it is not firm.

Reminiscence of childhood

Think back to the sadness now

Feeling happy in childhood, not coming back, can't find it

Feeling sad, difficult to dissipate, and unable to linger

Man cannot always live in the world of the past

But I always live like a walking dead

No one knows and can control whose mind

Did you see more?

The more you hate it?

The breath of autumn is gone, the quiet of winter, the very cold autumn

Is gone

Is that what you saw in autumn?

Winter to bear

Why it feels so hot

Do you feel cold?

Is your heart really cold?

The cold wind blows

But I feel warmer

Is your heart really cold?

The more you see through you, the more your personality,

Did you just start to hate you?

Is that how friends are lost one by one?

I do n’t, do n’t want such friends

That residual feeling, suffocating and quiet


It's so faint

Always remember too much

Those past memories have been buried for a long time

But in one thought

Surround my mind

Some things, is it easier to say them?

But I have nothing to say

No one can talk to

Maybe I do n’t want to say it myself

When I gradually feel that the world is small

When I get bored

Especially want to stay awake

When that hurts again and again

When that indifferent scene

When that sad scene again and again

When it comes to your mind

Feel like I really ca n’t breathe

Those things kept me out of breath

I really want to feel the feeling of leaving the world at that moment

The feeling of death at that moment

What is it like?

After death, what world is waiting for me?

Really want to feel

There is always a moment of death

People are dead

Then that person really doesn't exist

Only cold photos

Does man live to die in the end?

So, or what's the point?

Why are friends always so unpredictable and thrilling?

Why is there always a fight?

Why always open the firewall?

Always feel playing with those boys

Better than girls

Happy to play

To be true?

Little secrets of those brothers

Even if you are unhappy, you will share it

Unhappy heart

But they are always seen through

Will be very cute and said: "Look at her, usually hehe, he doesn't say anything now."

I said, "No," but they gave me a cute look

Pretending to be confused, he said, "Well? Why do you still think she's unhappy?"

However, I laughed and laughed, "No, it really isn't. See how happy I am now."

They saw me laugh and stopped asking.

Why didn't they find it?

When alone

I feel very quiet and like it

But I feel inexplicably lonely and lonely

Isn't this contradictory?


Walking the road that has been countless times

Slight injury

Secret pain

All of

All up

The above "essay" composition was collected and organized by the editor of the composition network. Composition is almost a "half wall" of the Chinese test scores, so the success or failure of the composition often determines the success of the entire language test. High school composition is more about future college entrance examination results. You do n’t need to say more about writing a high school composition. How to write a high school composition? The key is to read more and write better compositions and accumulate writing materials. Of course, you still need to practice frequently.

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