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Sixth grade composition

  • 读《写给母亲的诗》有感 2017-05-06 Feelings of Reading "Poem to Mother"

    After reading the article "Poems to Mother", I kept reflecting on myself: What did I do for my mother, did I repay my mother's upbringing? Will I also leave permanent pain? Thinking about my mother caring Every piece of memory, and my rebellion again and again, I feel that I have deeply hurt my mother ... [Details]

  • 六年级作文读小红小绿有感 2017-05-06 Sixth grade composition reading little red little green

    A few days ago, Mr. Wang sent us a copy of a newspaper called "Little Reader". I read one of the articles and it made me feel deeply ... The text mainly talks about this. Girl Xiaohong, she is just playing. No one plays with her, so she plays with small animals. Yes ... [details]

  • 六年级作文给朱自清爷爷的信 2017-05-06 Letter to Grandpa Zhu Ziqing from sixth grade composition

    Dear Grandpa Zhu Ziqing: Hello! Since reading your essay "Hurry," I have been fascinated by your bland words like water, but don't have a charm. I have to admire you for your wonderful writing, and even write a letter with great excitement ... [Details]

  • 六年级作文我的理想 2017-05-06 Composition of sixth grade my ideal

    The ideal is a light that illuminates the dark night; the ideal is a sail that drives us to the other side of success. Yes, ideals are the navigation on the path of life. Youth without ideals is like the morning without the sun. Life is meaningful because of ideals, life is colorful because of ideals! And my ideals are in you ... [details]

  • 六年级作文阅读真好 2017-05-06 6th grade composition reading is so good

    The sun is burning, the sun is baking the earth relentlessly, the farmers are working hotly, a little girl in a white half-sleeve shirt is quietly and secretly in a shabby old room, not knowing in the old bookcase Something turned over, the whole bookshelf turned upside down, messy ... [details]

  • 六年级作文春游 2017-05-06 sixth grade composition spring tour

    Today, the weather is fine and everything is recovering. In the sapphire sky, clouds like snow float. They flutter carefreely in the sky, thick or light, and change their form from time to time, as if they are showing you all their "incarnations". Sometimes, Bai Yun runs forward like a little white rabbit ... [details]

  • 六年级作文团结的蚂蚁 2017-05-06Sixth grade composition united ants

    In life, there are many animals and plants that contain profound truths. Therefore, only by carefully observing and searching can we discover the small details in life and gain inspiration. I remember once when I finished lunch, I was bored, so I decided to leave. Suddenly, I found it at my door ... [details]

  • 六年级作文学会生存 2017-05-06 sixth grade writing will survive

    When we come to this world, we embark on the path of life. There are difficulties, setbacks, and bumps along this path, but as long as you learn to survive, you will open up a path for your life. "Survival" seems to be two common words, but it contains countless ... [Details]

  • 六年级作文赏月有感 2017-05-06 Sixth-grade composition

    Saying that the world doesn't ask about the prosperity and prosperity, Li Xiaoqiao appreciates the late spring water, and I laugh and drink to see the mountains and rivers. The golden years are like the golden days, when the water is dying, and the paper is drunk with gold, the ink paintings still hang on the wall alone, night ... [Details]

  • 六年级作文致奶奶 2017-05-06 sixth grade composition to grandma

    ——To grandma and grandma who are celebrating their birthday today, do you remember when you were a kid, you often watched the back view of me going to school in front of the door. I told you to go back. You always refused to see me. You go back only after looking back. Grandma, do you remember what you bought every time when you were a kid ... [Details]

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