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[Essay in May] A beautiful encounter

If there wasn't that chance encounter, I would still be the ignorant me, without an early step or a late step. So we met, I just wanted to tell you that I can meet you, I am so lucky.
I clearly remember that before I met you, I was very afraid of writing. I saw the composition as a devil. I was afraid to avoid it. Every time the teacher arranged the writing, I was troubled. In front of a blank manuscript, I I often scratch my ears and cheeks for a long time, and I can't write a complete composition. I really envy those classmates who are so thoughtful, and they can always complete the composition without any effort.
One morning this week, in order to complete the composition task assigned by the teacher, I worked hard to collect materials that inspired me. At this time, you suddenly appeared in front of me. At first, it was your unique name that attracted me. The words "Composition Network" are very attractive to me who is worrying about writing. I imagined that I could fill up all the blanks soon. I eagerly opened the website. A colorful webpage appeared in front of me: all kinds of excellent texts and beautiful paragraphs for reference. , The latest and most comprehensive composition materials, practical writing basic guidance ... I am eagerly browsing the web. And soon inspired by the excellent essay, completed the composition of the teacher's composition. From then on, I will open the homepage of Zuowen, browse the excellent essay, Zuowen, and become my most loyal friend. Under the guidance of this friend, I changed my writing attitude. From the initial fear of writing, I became in love with writing.
Gradually I became confident and began to think of submitting articles to Zuowen. However, when I thought that my writing was so immature, how could I get approval from Zuowen.com? What to do if the manuscript is rejected, what to do if the commented teacher jokes, what to do if the classmate happens to see my composition and laugh at me ... A series of worries make it difficult for me to make a decision for a while. My mother seems to see my mind, she Encourage me to give a try. My mother ’s words gave me courage and motivation. I posted an essay I had written on the composition website. I did n’t expect that one day later, my composition was published. I was excited to see my composition published on the composition network. I had to jump up and yell, "Mom, mom, come on, my composition is published, my composition is published!" Mom came over and saw my composition, and said to me with a smile: "Awesome, Keep working hard! "I nodded with a smile. At the bottom of the composition, I saw the teacher's wonderful comments. The teacher made the most accurate comments on my composition, and pointed out the shortcomings in the study. This is the most precious for my classmates who are not good at writing. It is under the serious, professional and accurate guidance of the composition network teachers that my writing level is constantly improving. Not long ago I got the composition The manuscripts given to me by the Internet, although the amount of money is small, but for me, that great encouragement, in order to be able to publish more wonderful compositions on the composition network, I gradually developed the habit of writing a journal.
Looking back at this wonderful time when I met Zuowen.com, I was full of gratitude. Zuowen.com was a mentor and friend who was silently by my side. She witnessed my growth.
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