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Lotus pond "storm"

At night, the starry sky is so charming. Stars after gems in the sky, mysteriously blinked their lovely little eyes, and looked strangely at the pond for fear of reflection. The breeze was blowing, and the willows by the pond and the lotus flowers in the water were dancing, exuding a charming scent.

Suddenly, a noise broke the quiet atmosphere. Take a closer look. It turned out that the lotus girl and her brother, lotus leaf, quarreled. "Why do you always stand high? Let me be the so-called flower protector below, why can't I stand on the same height as you and get people's praise and appreciation." Brother Heye's mouth gasped. , Said angrily. Sister Lotus was about to explain to her brother. Unexpectedly, when a voice came from the bottom of the water, Uncle Lianhua yawned and said, "Do n’t bother you, the job Mother Nature gave us They are different. If Brother Ye Ye feels unfair, then you can try your sister's work and tasks tomorrow! "" Good "Brother Ye Ye hurriedly agreed. And he said, "I can be competent." The next day, the younger brother of Ye Ye stood next to the lotus girl early, with his head raised and his breasts blowing, and he swayed in the wind. This feeling has never been before.

Tiny frog Tian Tian happily swims in the pond, but he can't find his good friend He Ye brother. He looked around and looked around, looking around and looking around, and finally couldn't find it, and finally saw his younger brother on top of his head. Tian Tian asked: "Why are you standing so high today?" Brother He Ye said excitedly: "I want to stand high today and let everyone praise me!" Tian Tian said uneasily, "Come down! It's so high, and a strong wind will blow your waist. "" No "Brother Ye Ye said angrily. After a while, the dragonfly flew to her sister Lotus, and after flying around, she didn't see the shadow of the lotus flower, so she asked her brother, "Where is your sister, brother Lotus?" "I'm on duty today, and I can find something if I have something to do." Feifei shook his head and turned to fly away.

The sun at noon is like a big fireball. It's so hot that there is nowhere to dodge. The younger brother of Ye Ye is also covered with sweat beads. At this time yesterday, he was lying in the cool pond and playing with the little frog Tian Tian! Thought of this, can not help but feel a little remorse. At this time, a group of children passed by the pond. One of the chubby little boys pointed at the lotus leaf brother in the pond in surprise and exclaimed: "Look! How long is that lotus leaf so tall?" Everyone followed him. Fingers looked at it, followed by an exclamation. The younger brother of Ye Ye who was still a little regretful just now, heard the children's discussion, shook the sweat from his forehead, and raised his head higher. The summer rain came, and suddenly, dark clouds and black clouds covered the sky, and the lively pond just calmed down. The little buddies hid, held their breaths, and waited tremblingly for the storm. Brother He Ye stood guilty in the middle of the pond, thinking, "I can't retreat at this time, but I don't want to miss a good time to show my ability and courage." Suddenly, the wind of the howling wind was mixed with the rain of beans . Brother Lotus has a stiff body, thinking, "I can survive this storm!" The rain is getting heavier, and Brother Lotus's legs are trembling. Seeing that Brother Lotus is about to be broken by the wind, this Shi Yi's powerful palms supported Brother He Ye's waist. He turned his head and saw that it was the elder sister of lotus. Brother Lotus leaves hugged her sister in tears and said shamefully, "Sister, I'm sorry."

They snuggled tightly together. The summer rain is like a brake. Just stop and stop. A beautiful rainbow crosses the pond. Brother He Ye returned to his place, and the pond was restored to the tranquility and tranquility of the day.

Author: snowman in the sun

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The whole story uses the imaginary story to explain to readers that people must be down-to-earth, where they stand and where they stand, and do not be jealous and dissatisfied with any position that they feel is good, because we ca n’t see them at all Behind the hard work and the ability that I have. The reason is easy to understand, the language is fluent, and it is able to use the things you see to associate with it, and to comprehend a complete story. It is worthy of praise for a primary school student. The narrative is too large, although I know that the author's heart is to understand the entire story Yes, but soon after entering junior high school or even high school, try to tell people the truth by using stories instead of expressing it as much as possible. If you use it, you also need to put a lot of intriguing sentences in the article, so that it seems that the article is not single. "Introduction" is very good, and it can also echo the end of the article. This is worthy of praise. I hope that this little writer will consider how to change the current expression method based on this association and create more Excellent article!