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Sixth grade composition

作者: 体裁:诗歌作文 来源:互联网 Published: 2017-05-06 10:58:02 Author: genre: poetry writing Source: Internet
Saying that the world does not ask about the prosperity and prosperity, Li Xiaoqiao admires the twilight spring water, and I laugh and drink to see the mountains and rivers. The golden years are like the golden days. If the water is dying, the ink-painted scrolls are still hanging on the wall, and the night candle fire lights up the heart and cools the heart. From ancient times to the present, there are several people who are watching the vicissitudes of the sea. At a glance, he looked at him with a smile, turned and folded Liu Qingsi, flew up, looked at the coolness of Qiuyue, the fragrant fragrance of laurel tree in an independent foreign land, still welcomed the full moon after a little sadness, and looked at the wind and rain to taste the bitterness ...

The sixth grade composition

Saying that the earth does n’t ask for prosperity and prosperity,

Li Xiaoqiao appreciates the late spring water central,

I am drinking alone to see the world,

Toasting Mo is sad and lonely.

The years are like golden days, if the water fades away,

Dripping from the bustling gold,

The ink scroll is still hanging alone,

The candlelight at night lights up the heart and cools the heart,

Looking at the vicissitudes of the world,

Several more people noticed that the sea changed into mulberry fields.

He looked at him with a smile,

Turning around and folding Liu Qingsi flying,

Looking up at the coolness of Qiuyue,

Indifference from a foreign land

After a little sorrow, we still welcome the full moon,

Laugh at the wind and rain and taste the bitterness and sweetness,

Tears greeted Chang'e's shortage,

A thousand miles and a total of moon Yuejuan.

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