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On those snowy days

作者: 体裁:叙事作文 来源:互联网 Published: 2015-05-07 17:37:11 Author: Genre: narrative essay Source: Internet
In order to improve everyone's writing level, the composition network specially compiled the following composition for you-"On those snowy days", by reading other people's articles to see our own problems, of course, we must learn the good places . For more essays and narrative essays on "In Those Snowy Days", please pay attention to the composition network.

I will always remember the snowy winter. When the test scores came down, there was a lot of heavy snow outside. On the balcony, the classmates happily reached out to meet the elves of this winter. Only I sat in the cold and empty classroom in depression. Successive defeats have hit me so badly until you came and said to me gently, "Let's go and watch the snow together, shall you?"

It's been a long time since there was such a heavy snowfall. Looking at the snowflakes flying happily in the air, one can't help thinking of catkins due to the wind, and spring of hope. I think, if it weren't for me to change from a proud white swan to an ugly duckling at once, I would never enter your world. It turns out that your talents are covered by the usual indifferent appearance, your aura, Overwhelmed by your poor grades.

The exam is getting closer and closer, but my confidence is eroded a little by the declining grades. I will not go to the balcony with you to watch the sunset and listen to some things I will never learn in books because I Struggle with your last strength, but you pretend that you have not seen my increasingly indifferent attitude towards you, and still encourage me sincerely, trust me as always, but for your own reasons, and perhaps family conditions The reason was to apply for withdrawal, and that night, you silently packed your desks. When you left the classroom with a heavy schoolbag, I didn't expect to send you away.

The exam is over. When I got exhausted from the exam room, I actually received your call. You told me that you were equally excited and nervous during the two days of the exam because your only friend was on the exam room. Listening to the familiar sound from a strange city in the microphone, for the first time, I felt the sorrow and sadness of thousands of miles away.

I thought time could dilute everything. You are just a hurry in my life. I will forget you. Like forgetting so many things that I think will be unforgettable, the rivers of time can't wash away the friendship you used to care for. Therefore, whenever the snowflakes fall again, I sitting on the seat alone will strongly imagine that I have a pair of hands resting lightly on my shoulder, and a voice says, "Go and see the snow!" Come back, the thoughts modified by guilt and expectation will become more intense.

The few months we had been together should have been the coldest days in my life, but because of you, I have the warmest memories of my life, remembering a sentence you said: friendship is a mutual attraction Feelings, because it can be met but not sought.

Friendship is an identity. On both sides of it are two hearts that are equally pure and beautiful. They can only give sincerely and never owe anything. Winter is a freezing season, and sincere friendship can never be frozen.

The above 800-word composition in "The Snowy Days" was collected and edited by the editor of the composition network, to provide materials and references for everyone to write a good narrative composition or the composition of "The Snowy Days". The key to how to write a good essay and narrative composition about "On Those Snowy Days" is the accumulation of peace. See more, write more, think more! I hope that this compilation of "On Those Snowy Days" by the editor will help you.

Comment: The author described the experience of watching snow with his friends, and expressed the author's appreciation of friendship for friends. The text of this article adopts a total score structure, which is well-organized and rigorous; the complete narrative content of the article is full and the language is smooth and concise. For example: "The few months we were together should have been the coldest days in my life, but because of you, I have the warmest memories of my life. I thought of a sentence you said: friendship is one An attractive relationship, because it can be met but not sought. "

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