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Corn fragrance

作者: 体裁:叙事作文 来源:互联网 Published: 2015-05-07 17:38:46 Author: Genre: narrative essay Source: Internet
In order to improve everyone's writing level, the composition network has specially compiled the following composition for you-"Porn Flavor", to read our own problems by reading other people's articles, of course, we must also learn the good places. For more essays and narrative essays on Corn Flavor, please pay attention to the composition website.

The heavenly man is not beautiful, and it is drizzling again and again. The rain fell to the ground, like the sound of silk bamboo, soothing resentment. But it's not like it fell to the ground, but it fell into my heart. The sky is gray, my heart is heavy. Standing in front of the windowsill and watching the continuous rain, I was resentful, I really do not know how to go back after school.

This rain doesn't give people any hope. I complained and wondered whether I should rush home or wait for my mother. For a moment, the two thoughts were intertwined, and my mind was chaotic. I shook my head with all my strength and continued to wait.

The wind was whispering, the rain drenched everything in front of me, the wind was blowing on my face, it was cool, and my heart was half cold. I was disappointed to see others being picked up by parents one after another. Probably, mother won't come. I thought about it and rushed into the rain curtain.

The heavy raindrops of Doudou fell on his face, slipped by, but disappeared instantly. I really want to make a terrible sentence and say something to her.

I don't know how long it took before the warm home finally appeared in front of me. As for how I came back, I didn't know myself. My heart was full of grievances and anger, and I really wanted to grab someone and beat me up.

When I entered the house, I found out that my mother was not at home. It seemed that I had misunderstood her. I became restless and restless.

"Ka -----" Mom came back, her body was soaked up and down, and the rain kept dripping on the ground. Mom came over, touched my head, and said softly, "You have been clamoring for food lately Corn, my grandfather called me yesterday to get it. Who knows that it was raining hardly, and not much, mommy will cook it for you. "The tone was soft.

After that, my mother peeled the corn and washed the corn. I saw the rain on the mother's hair dripping down the pale cheeks, dripping down on her feet, and from the rain-stained shoes, to the pool of water next to her feet. Mom's eyes were so focused, as if to complete a great mission. Suddenly, I felt the air condense, all I could hear was my excited heartbeat and my mother's panting.

"Let's eat it, Mom picks a big one for you!" As soon as the corn was cooked, Mom picked a tender and fresh one and handed it to me. Holding the crunchy corn, there was a surge of enthusiasm in my heart, and I felt a kind of indescribable but touching warmth and affection to be around me.

Yeah, my mother's love is like the scent of corn, floating into my atrium, floating into my memory, warming my heart.

The above 700-character composition of "Maize Flourishing Fragrance" was collected and organized by the editor of the composition network, providing materials and references for everyone to write a good narrative composition or composition about "Maize Flourishing Fragrance". The key to how to write a good composition and narrative composition about "Maize Flourishing Fragrance" is the usual accumulation. See more, write more, think more! I hope that this compilation of the "corn fragrance" will help you.

Comment: "Yeah, my mother's love is like this burst of corn scent, floating into my atrium, floating into my memory, warming my heart." The ending echoed the topic, with a strict structure. "Maize fragrant, warm my heart." It is profound and intriguing. The disadvantage is that there is too much preparation in the front of the article, and the entry is too slow.

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