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I am a husky

作者: 体裁:想象作文 来源:互联网 Published: 2016-09-07 14:27:00 Author: Genre: Imaginative Composition Source: Internet
In order to improve everyone's writing level, the composition network specially compiled the following composition for everyone-"I am a siberian husky", by reading other people's articles to see our own problems, of course, we must learn the good places. For more about the composition and imagination of "I am a Husky", please pay attention to the composition network.

I am a siberian husky, my original name is a siberian sled dog, black and white, and I have a big personality. I have a second owner, who named me Er Ha.

The huskies you usually see are domesticated and look honest, but everyone does not know that we have a burning heart under our gentle appearance. Our ethnicity is very variable, some are born timid, some are extremely violent, and I'm a normal dog.

My host is a student, an 18-year-old young man. He is not very at home from Monday to Friday. He got up to eat in the morning and fed me. He went to school and left me at home. Boring, I think it ’s just like a good year. Fortunately, after school every afternoon, he will pull me around and say that I will slip away. Actually, hey, it ’s just that I ’m slipping him, I ’m going to the left and he ’s going to the left. To the right, he also goes to the right, which is especially fun.

Every Saturday and Sunday is the best. When I get up in the morning and see that he is still sleeping, I touch him and wake him up to play with me. Every time the owner is reluctant to wake me up, and then I finish washing He was playing with the computer, and I looked at him with big eyes on the side, and made troubles with him from time to time.

I like my host, my host likes me more.

The above is the imaginary composition written by the composition network for everyone-"I am a Husky".

The above 400-character composition of "I'm a Husky" was collected and edited by the editor of the composition network. It provides materials and references for everyone to write an imaginary composition or an essay about "I'm a Husky". The key to how to write a good composition about "I'm a Husky" and imagine the composition lies in the usual accumulation. See more, write more, think more! I hope this "I am a Husky" composition compiled by you will be helpful to you.

Comment: The little writer imagined himself as a husky, and described the life of husky in the first person. The language is playful and very cute. He puts himself completely on the husky's stand, indicating that the writer usually observes husky careful.

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