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[Parallel of love] 1. If the world is a hut, then love is the stove that warms the hut; if the world is a big tree, then love is the nourishment of the big tree; if the world is a candle, then love is the point Matches with bright candles. 2. Love is a spring water that breaks into the ice, shocking the iron hearted person. Love is a simple greeting that makes people in low mood feel the warmth of life. Love is a clear spring in the desert, making people on the brink of despair look back on life hope. Love ...

[Love parable]

1. If the world is a hut, then love is the stove that warms the hut; if the world is a big tree, then love is the nourishment of the tree; if the world is a candle, then love is the match that lights the candle.

2. Love is a spring water that breaks into the ice, shocking the iron hearted person. Love is a simple greeting that makes people in low mood feel the warmth of life. Love is a clear spring in the desert, making people on the brink of despair look back on life hope. Love is a kind smile that reassures angry and sad people.

3. Love is a pot of freshly brewed green tea, which makes the tired family feel extremely warm. Love is a fragrant flower that makes people feel the beautiful breath of the world. Love drops of rain on a sunny day, nourishing everyone's heart. Love is a

Illuminate the lighthouse at night, let lost ships find the harbor.

4. Do you know what love is? Yes, love is to pay one yuan for people begging on the streets; it is to feed homeless little animals; it is to give your heart to the people in the disaster area ...

5. Love, such as Ganquan, which confuses the heart and soul. Drinking Ganquan, our hearts become clear and bright. Love, like a seductive sea breeze. Feeling the sea breeze, our hearts become pure and spacious. Love, like a heartbreaking white snow. With Bai Xue, our hearts become quiet and peaceful.

6. Love is a sweet spring that makes the unfortunate people forget the bitterness of life; love is a beautiful ballad that makes people with a dull life feel the joy of life; love is a glance at the flowing spring water that makes hungry and thirsty Pedestrians feel the sweetness of life.

7, love is the stars in the sky, sparkling, love is the rainbow, always the most beautiful, love is happiness, can help others, love is the sun, and illuminate the world.

8.Love is an education that has no grudges and regrets for the young.Although it is dull and persevering; love is a selfless loyalty to the loved one, and it is unbroken; the love is the care for the elders. Although poverty and illness continue to abandon; love is the boundless attachment to the motherland, and Ren Bianpei leaves without forgetting.

9. Love is light, a beam of rising light that warms the cold heart,

10. Love is a spring, a clear spring in the desert, a moist and dry throat, love is a song, a song that sounds at midnight, soothing the lonely heart, love is a medicine, a pair of ancient and modern medicines, to treat stinging injuries, Love is a hand, a pair of solid big hands, to help an unbearable home, love is the road, a broad and flat road that leads you to dawn.

11. Love is a warm spring; love is a sunbeam; love is a big tree. Love is deep in everyone's heart. Love is selfless, it waters everyone.

12. What is love? Love is every pencil, homework, and book donated to poor children. What is love? Love is the donation of clothes and shoes we do not wear to children. What is love? Love is to save our pocket money and donate it to poor children.

13. Love is the wind, bringing a hint of coolness when it is hot; love is the rain, nourishing a piece of soil during prolonged drought; love is the water, and when thirst is the time, get a glimmer of hope; love is the fire, in In the cold, get a warmth ...

14. Love is a ray of sunshine in winter, which dispels the frost. The love is a ganlin after a long drought, which nourishes the cracked heart. Love is a navigation mark in the ocean, indicating the hope of a new life.

15. Love is the wind and blows away the moist dark clouds; when it is loving, the cloud produces a pouring rain; love is the rain and nourishes the lush trees; love is the tree that blocks the excess sunlight; loving time illuminates the muddy paths; Is the way to accompany you forward!

16. Love is flowers, love is sunshine, love is rain and dew. Love creates miracles, love changes the world, and love is eternal. Love can make the desert an oasis, and love can make the dead wood leafy.

17. Love is the wind and rolls up thick clouds; love is the cloud and turns into timely rain; love is the rain and nourishes the dry tree; love is the tree and supports a green shade.

18. Love is a spring in the desert, bringing hope for survival. Love is a floating ballad in the night sky, which brings comfort to the soul. Love is the breeze in the hot summer soothes the troubled mind.

[Argument about home]

1. Home is a warm harbor behind Yuanfan; home is a song and dance hall that can be entertained; home is a pillow that can make you cry.

2. Home is a boat, it brings people the feeling of being “warm”; home is a warm harbor, it brings people the feeling of being “warm”; home is the eternal shore, it brings people the feeling of being “ Dream soul lingers and cares forever. "

3. Home is a lamp, home is an eaves, home is a soft bed.

4. Home is a poem with many flavors. Only taste it with your heart can you read the taste. Home is a pot of medicine. Only by insisting on tasting can you experience the magical effect. Home is a castle and you can only appreciate it. Tasting profound meaning.

5. Home is an oasis in the desert, which makes long-lost hopes for those who are disappointed; Home is a dark light that makes lonely and helpless people see the beautiful direction; Home is a small island in the ocean, which makes us exhausted People find a place to rest.

6. Home is a small post, home is a warm haven, and home is a never-ending scenery.

7. Home is a landscape that will never tire of drawing. Every morning glow will bring infinite reveries, and each round of sunset will evoke anxiety; Home is a good book that is never enough to read, every article is It records the unforgettable affection, each poem condenses the warmth of love and love among relatives; home is a memory and memories that will never be erased, every fallen traveler hopes that Ye Luo will return to the root, and every day when the sun sets in the west Does anyone want to go home?

8. Home is an umbrella that helps us shelter from the wind and rain; home is an oasis of the soul that brings us happiness and relieves our troubles; home is a lamp that helps us illuminate the way forward.

9. Home is ice cream in summer, which removes the heat of our hearts; home is the fire in winter, removes the chill in our hearts; home is spring rain in spring, which nourishes our flowers and plants; home is the breeze of autumn; bring us Take the boredom out of your mind.

10, home is a warm harbor, when you are tired, you can stop and rest; home is the gas station of life, when you are weak, you can stop and refuel; home is a source of happiness, when you are bored At that time, you can stop and meditate.

11. Home is a harbour to comfort the soul; home is a panacea for healing trauma; home is the cold winter warm sunshine; home is the spiritual sustenance of a distant traveler.

12. Home is a port of berth, home is the source of happiness, home is the driving force of life, home is a warm dependency, home is a paradise for the soul!

13. What is home? Home is a quiet port, waiting for the return of the ship; what is home? Home is a gentle whisper all night, to relieve the worry in your heart; what is home? Home is a clear sky, letting you fly To make you bright ...

14. What is home? Home is that kind of fire, everyone sitting around there is indescribable warmth; home is the mother's tinkling, always surrounds my ears; home is the back of my father back to school, generous and Safe; home is the root of the towering tree, no matter how high the leaves are, you must return to your side.

15. Home is a happy place, how happy it is to talk and laugh with the family; home is a warm place, how warm is the family to take care of you like the pearl of the palm; home is a happy place to be with the family How happy it is!

16. Home is the winter sun, bringing warmth when disappointed; home is a sturdy boat, sailing to the other side when difficult; home is a spring breeze, bringing hope when weak.

17. Home is a port of comfort for the soul; home is a band-aid for the soul; home is the warm sunshine of winter.

[Comparison of friends]

1. A friend is a song that always plays melodious music when I am sad; a friend is a lamp that always illuminates me when I am confused; a friend is a book that is always confused by me Let me find the answer.

2. A friend is a book, a book that you can't read for a lifetime; a friend is a harbor, a harbor that can let your mind rest; a friend is a beam of sunlight, a beam can make your life full of warmth Sunshine.

3, a friend is a cup of tea, very light; a friend is a constant breeze, very soft; a friend is a slight rain, very sweet.

4. A friend is a heater in the cold winter, which warmly illuminates every cold corner of your heart; a friend is the cup of tea that wakes up at the beginning of a nap, and nourishes every happy mood with sweetness; a friend is one of the tired days Turn the rocking chair gently for you to sleep.

5. A friend is a stream, silent, but essential; a friend is a sea and a river, tolerates your emotions; a friend is a mountain, and when you are in danger, you have a foothold.

6, a friend is a hot tea we hold in our hands while standing at the window admiring the falling snow in winter; a friend is an umbrella we hold in our hands when walking in the heavy rain in summer; a friend is blowing when spring comes The depressing spring breeze of winter in our hearts; the friend is the glass of wine we intoxicated in autumn whispers during the harvest season.

7. What is a friend? A friend is a person who can talk to each other; a friend is a person who will not teach you to do bad things; a friend is a person who works with you to work together.

8. A friend is a rocking chair in a tired day, gently swaying to the rhythm of sleep for you; a friend is a song in a lonely day, singing your thoughts for you; a friend is a long one in a lost day Faith, powerfully write brave beliefs for you; a friend is a good book in ordinary days, and clearly records the moving of life for you.

9. Friends are people who comfort you silently when you are frustrated; friends are people who share with you when you are happy; friends are people who remind you when you are proud; friends are people who encourage you when you are inferior.

10, a friend is a guitar in happy days, playing the joy of life for you; friends are a spring breeze in sad days, gently blowing away the sadness in your heart. A friend is a mentor on the road to success, and enthusiastically leads you to the sun; a friend is a beacon in the pain of failure, silently driving away the haze of your soul.

11. Friends are people who help you to correct shortcomings; friends are people who comfort you when you are downcast; friends are people who lent you a cry on the shoulder; friends are people who handed you handkerchiefs; friends are people who encourage you to be aggressive.

12. Friends are white towers standing on the shore of Weiming Lake; friends are camels Xiangzi described by Lao She; friends are Dehua in Feng Xiaogang's movies; friends are the earth in Lu Xun's memory; friends are the blossoming waves in the Songhua River; friends It is the unpredictable but consistent clouds on the sky; a friend is a bowl of steaming dragon whisker noodles; a friend is the real person who lives with you!

13. When you are irritable, your friend is an autumn wind, blowing out the confusing fire; when you are quiet, your friend is the wings on your back, and your heart is flying higher and higher; when you are happy, your friend is a flower in a vase, which makes the color of the mood More colorful; when proud, a friend is a mint in a bubble, the refreshing and cold taste keeps the mood calm; when sad, a friend is a glass of sweet and hot milk, which can dilute all the pain and sourness in your heart; frustration At times, friends are moonlight sprinkled on the body through the window, no matter how the world changes, they are gentle and tolerant of your heart.

[An analogy about life]

1. Life is a clear spring, nourishing all things and giving people the introverted beauty of hope; life is a cup of tea, refreshing and unrestrained, giving people the fragrant and unrestrained beauty of life; life is a wild horse running freely and giving strength.

2. Life is a poem, fresh and natural; life is a cup of tea, and suffering is full; life is a book, and knowledge is endless.

3. Life is a piece of sunlight shining in the winter, so that the poor and the sick feel the warmth of the world; Life is a spring that appears in the desert, and makes endangered people see the hope of life again; Life is a wandering Ballads in the night sky, so that the lonely and helpless people get the comfort of the soul.

4, life is grass, fragile but strong; life is a river, endless; life is a cloud, unpredictable.

5. Life is the setting sun against the setting sun; life is the green pines and cliffs; life is the wanlipingsha falling autumn geese; life is the March in spring and the white snow.

6. Life is the unbreakable sound of the grass under the stones; life is the proud posture of Han Mei in the snow; life is the obsession of the wild goose on the wind.

7. Life is stone, the fire that rubs against the stars; life is fire, lights the dark lamp; life is the lamp that illuminates the road ahead; life is the road, covered with grains of gravel.

8. What is life? Life is a blooming flower, a gorgeous painting, a glass of fragrant wine, she has fresh fragrance, romantic color, and a touch of intoxicating sweetness, which is the most in the world. Wonderful things.

9. Life is a sapling that emerges from the ground. The more it grows in a difficult environment, the more it can show its tenacity. Life is a phoenix born again, and the more it experiences suffering and suffering, the more it can highlight its glory; life It is gold buried in the desert. The more no one can find it, the more its value will be highlighted when it appears in front of it.

10. Life is the kindness of maternal love; life is the sternness of fatherly love; life is the tenderness of loving others; life is the concern of friends; life is the combination of feelings.

11. Life is a beautiful little poem, fresh and smooth, with a long meaning; life is a beautiful piece of music, with a harmonious melody, and gentle and melodious; life is a flowing river, flowing and rolling forward; life is a soaring eagle, fighting the blue sky , Wings spread high; life is a rolling mountain, magnificent and erect, majestic towering.

12. Life is fire and burns your faith; life is light and guides you; life is night and treasures your dreams; life is trance and leaves you sad.

13. Life is the dedication of Gong Zizhen's "Redness is not ruthless, and it turns into spring mud to protect the flowers"; Life is the great righteousness of Wen Tianxiang, "Who hasn't died since ancient times, leaving his heart and soul to shine"; Life is Su Dongpo's "Who is a life No matter how few, the water flowing in front of the door can still be "transcended and open-minded; life is the helplessness and sentimentality of Du Fu's" splashing tears when he feels, hating other birds to be shocked ".

14. Life is the sea of flowers in the spring and it is gorgeous; life is the setting sun in the winter and radiates light; life is the rain and dew under the sun and it is fleeting; life is the cactus in the desert and it is indomitable.

15. Life is spring, full of life, life is summer, full of enthusiasm, life is autumn, full of ruthlessness, life is winter, full of cold and quiet.

16. Life is the ignorance of the newborn; life is the innocence of the young; life is the youthful vigor; life is the stability of the middle-aged; life is the open-mindedness of the old.

17. Life is a sword and a horse; life is a golden marten wine; life is a wandering song of the cold moon.

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