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  • 关于自信的名人名言精选 2016-12-03Selected celebrity quotes about self-confidence

    Confident celebrity quotes: 1. Natural talents will be useful. ——Li Bai 2. It's better to be arrogant than to be arrogant. ——Pre-Qin "Han Feizi · Foreign Reserve Says Bottom Right" 3. Faith is the master of destiny. ——Helen Keller 4. Those who know others are wise and those who know themselves are bright. ——Old Man "Lao Tzu" ... [Details]

  • 关于学习的名人名言大全 2016-12-03Quotes of celebrities about learning

    1. You can find your happiness in studying, in labor, in science, and in serving the people's selflessness. ——Jelensky 2. Reading is learning, using is also learning, and it is more important learning. ——Mao Zedong 3. People not only rely on him to have everything, but ... [Details]

  • 鲁迅经典名人名言精选 2016-12-03Lu Xun classic celebrity selection

    Lu Xun's famous celebrities say: 1. Time is like water in a sponge. As long as you are willing to squeeze, you still have it. 2. If you only read books, you will become a bookcase. 3. I seem to be a cow, eating grass and squeezing milk. 4. Dissatisfaction is the upward wheel, which can carry people who are not complacent ... [Details]

  • 珍惜时间的名人名言大全 2016-12-03Quotes of famous celebrities who treasure time

    Encyclopedia of famous celebrities who cherish time: 1. The philosopher cherishes the year, the sage cherishes the day, and the sage cherishes the time. ——Wei Yuan 2. Tomorrow will return to tomorrow, and there will be so many tomorrows. I will be born until tomorrow, and everything will happen. ——Wen Jia's "Song of Tomorrow" 3. It's hard to get another morning in the middle of the day. Timely encouragement, years ... [Details]

  • 爱国的名人名言大全 2016-12-02Patriotic celebrity quotes

    Daquan celebrities famous quotes: 1. Love the motherland above all else. ——Chopin 2. You are too humble to forget your country. —— Lu You 3. Read for the rise of China. —— Zhou Enlai 4. The country is not shameful, why is it famous? ——Li Bai 5. The world rises and falls, and the husband is responsible. —... [Details]

  • 关于勤奋的名人名言大全 2016-12-02Quotes of diligent celebrities

    Celebrities' famous sayings about hard work: You can become a learned person by doing diligence, handwork, and brainwork in your studies. ——Wu Ye is between genius and hard work. I choose hard work without hesitation. She is the oxytocin of almost all achievements in the world. ——The vastness of Einstein's spirit ... [Details]

  • 孔子的名人名言精选 2016-12-02Confucius celebrity quotes selection

    Confucius's famous celebrity selections: angry and forgetful, happy to forget, and I do n’t know how old will be…. Meals drank food, drank water, flexed the humerus and pillowed it, and music was also in it. Injustice is rich and expensive, like a cloud to me. Hsiao-hyun, back! A sip of food, a scoop of drinking, in the back alley, people are worried. In return ... [Details]

  • 关于诚信的名人名言大全 2016-12-02Complete celebrity quotes about integrity

    Encyclopedia of famous celebrities about honesty: 1. Life can't bloom brilliant flowers from lies-Heine 2. But sincerity can break the hypocrisy of the world, but truth can break the vanity of the world-Xue Yan 3. The unbelievers If you ca n’t do it-Mo Zi 4, but the name of a person who does n’t believe in it-Liu Xiang ... [details]

  • 英语名人名言中英翻译大全 2016-12-01Chinese and English translation of famous celebrities

    English celebrity quotes in Chinese-English translation: 1. Life is a sail trip full of chances and challenges. Life's sailing is full of opportunities and challenges. 2. Life is a lane but it is a rotative course. [Life] is a one-way street ... [details]

  • 经典名人名言精选100条 2016-12-01Selected 100 famous celebrities

    1. Adolescents are a beautiful and inaccessible period, the beginning of all future light and happiness. -Kalinin 2. People's aspirations are usually directly proportional to their abilities. ——Johnson 3. Time picks up and says it's gold. ——Proverb ... [Details]

  • 读书的名人名言100句 2016-12-01Reading celebrity quotes 100 sentences

    100 famous celebrity quotes: 1. Read a good book, like making a good friend. ——Zang Kejia 2. Reading and breaking 10,000 volumes. ——Du Fu3. Those who do not study will stop thinking. —— Diderot 4. Everyone who reads a book that is not useful is lost in play. ——... [Details]

  • 关于书的名人名言 2016-11-30Celebrity quotes about the book

    Celebrities' famous quotes on books: 1. Familiarize yourself with all the characters in the world and aspire to read all the books on earth. ——Su Yan2. Reading a good book is like making a good friend. ——Zang Kejia 3. Books are not only life, but also the source of cultural life now, in the past and in the future. ——Kufayev 4, ... [Details]

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