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  • 关于气候的谚语大全 2016-11-30 A Collection of Proverbs About Climate

    A complete collection of proverbs about the climate: Long rain and cold wind sweep, the weather will be reliable. The sky was cloudless, and the rain and snow kept falling. The dark clouds covered the sky, and the heavy rain came fast. It's bright on rainy days and light on tops without rain. The magpie shouted and went out to the sunny day. The mosquito bites strangely, the weather will change ... [Details]

  • 热爱家乡的谚语大全 2016-11-30 Encyclopedia of Love Proverbs

    Encyclopedia of proverbs that love my hometown: Golden nests and silver nests are not as good as our own grass nests. People always think of their hometowns, and birds always think about their lairs. Lexis wants to go elsewhere, and sadly wants to return home. Regardless of the darkness of his hometown, the light shines elsewhere. When you hear an accent, you know where people are, and when you look at clothes, you know where people are. ... [details]

  • 关于吃的谚语大全 2016-11-30 Encyclopedia of eating proverbs

    Encyclopedia of eating proverbs: "Beverage to drink hurts the body, overeating hurts the stomach"; "Study to study deeply, eat slowly to eat slowly"; "It is better to store in a pot, not to be full of stomach"; "Ten meals to drink soup"; "Eat less and eat more, benefit longevity"; "Although it is hot in the daytime, not cold;

  • 关于茶的谚语大全 2016-11-30 Encyclopedia of tea proverbs

    A collection of proverbs about tea: Good tea is not afraid of finesse. Tea ate later. Visitor smokeless tea, what a family. Wine is full of respect, tea is full of hurt. Tea has a thousand cups, and the CCP throws a heart. The gentleman's friendship is as light as water, and the tea people's friendship is like tea. Guest ... [Details]

  • 关于小寒的谚语大全 2016-11-30 Encyclopedia of proverbs about Osamu

    Encyclopedia of Xiaohan proverbs: Xiaohannuan, Lichunxue, Xiaohanhan, startled, warm, cold and rainy, rain is still frozen, and Xiaohan is covered with rain, rain is shocked and frozen, and seedlings are cold and cold. It is not snowing, Xiaoshu Dashutian cracks Xiaohan without rain, Xiaoshu will dry wheat seedlings Captivity, ... [details]

  • 关于礼貌的谚语 2016-11-30 Proverbs about politeness

    Proverbs about politeness: Weirdoes don't know how to be polite. Chess meets its opponents, and then it comes first. Evil is not evil. To be good, let small. Don't say v is short before the dwarf. Love clothes from a new age, and love from a young age. Love flowers ... [Details]

  • 关于手足之情的谚语 2016-11-30 Proverbs about brotherhood

    Proverbs about brotherhood: Brothers are in the same heart, and their brothers have to be brothers. If they are to be in battle, they must teach their father and son to be close to each other. They have the same good words and few evil words. Good medicine tastes bitter, unpalatable advice help line. Cold weather depends on clothes, cold heart ... [Details]

  • 关于饮食的谚语 2016-11-30 Proverbs about diet

    Proverbs about diet: Eat a few mouthfuls, live to ninety-nine and eat radishes, and you wo n’t be sick if you are sick. Eat an apple every day and keep your illness away from you. Everything is happening. People are iron, and rice is steel. Rice has three ... [Details]

  • 关于朋友的经典谚语 2016-11-30Classic proverb about friends

    Classic proverbs about friends: 1. Blessings are shared and difficult to share. 2. Good neighbor, Sai Jinbao. 3. Distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors, and close neighbors are not close to the opposite door. 4. The fellow saw tears when he saw the fellow. 5. Rely on parents at home and friends on the go. 6. Make friends, water flowers ... [Details]

  • 少数民族谚语:白族谚语 2016-11-30Minority Proverbs: Bai Proverbs

    Minority proverb: Bai proverb, when magpies are called, good things come, when crows are called, funerals, cuckoos, do n’t chop, do n’t ask, far way to ask, foot across the mountain, easy to get across the river, fern leaves, good crabs, go out to the nest, grow seedlings, busy loach, long time in the field Fat temple species ... [details]

  • 少数民族谚语:哈萨克族谚语 2016-11-30 Proverbs of ethnic minorities: Kazakh proverbs

    Minority proverbs: Kazakh proverbs accumulate a spoonful of things, don't pour out with buckets. What the earth can't bear, a person's heart can hold. If the guests are let go when the sun goes down, it is a shame to jump into the river and not wash. Want cattle and sheep to be fat, drive them to the summer ... [details]

  • 少数民族谚语:土家族谚语 2016-11-30Minority Proverb: Tujia Proverb

    Minority proverbs: The Tujia proverb is high in stones and high mountains. When you go out, you climb up the hill and drill in the mist. When you go down to the lake, you see the house. , Waking up in the morning and night, trembling in the wind, cold to mid-May, summer still, the rake hung ... [details]

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